Single Origin Dark Bars

All chocolate starts with cacao beans, the magical seeds of the cacoa tree, Theobroma cacao. But not all beans taste the same. Cultivars such as criollo, trinitario, or forestero each have distinctive flavor potentials, just awaiting a chocolate-maker’s discovery. Different cocoa-growing areas of the world have diverse soil types, temperatures, and humidity levels, further influencing taste and texture. To top it off, regional fermentation practices result in unique and complex flavor precursors that are selectively developed during roasting.
The net result is that chocolate made from beans of different origins can taste deliciously unique. Like fine wine, the flavor of every harvest will be unique, further adding to the pleasure of discovery. Chocolate has six-hundred flavor compounds, more than red wine. From the deep and lingering notes in our single-origin Ghana chocolate, to the dynamically-emerging highlights of our single-origin Madagascar bar, Nuance Chocolate’s Single Origin Series brings you the best of every bean. To discover the full range of the “food of the gods,” try every bar (or a flight at our café)—and then choose your favorites.